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Walter Isaacson had the dream writing assignment. Steve Jobs cooperated with Isaacson for the writing of the new book. Yet, Jobs asked for no control over what was written. He was candid with Isaacson, and encouraged others to speak honestly. I haven't read the book, but interviews with Isaacson suggest the author set out to create a true, unbiased and fair picture of Jobs. What an opportunity for a writer... to become so immersed in an incredible life and tell that icon's story.
Published in Writing style
Monday, 08 August 2011 16:08

Writing the professional bio

The professional bio: Make it snappy. Start with something that helps to tell your story but doesn't sound like a re-hashed resume line. Here's an example: A financial planner hired me to write her professional bio. Her strength was working one-on-one with people. She told me that most of her business happens around the kitchen table ... her clients' kitchen tables. That was the first line of the bio.

Published in Writing style
Wednesday, 03 August 2011 13:33

Resume writing

The way of the writing world seems to be short, to-the-point and easy--for just about any grade level--to read. Resumes are no different.

Resume writing has changed, according to a recent interview I had with Donna Cardillo, RN, MA. Donna is author of The Ultimate Career Guide for Nurses.

She says: Formats have changed. That’s because the people who receive resumes don’t read them; rather, they scan them. The long paragraphs and full sentences that we used to use in resumes are out.

What's in? A high impact format of writing, with bulleted information, and short, truncated (not complete) sentences.

Published in Writing style
Monday, 11 July 2011 13:17

Writing profiles

One thing I've learned from writing profile pieces is that everyone has a story. And the most interesting stories aren't usually what PR people promote. A question that works well during my interviews is: Tell me something that you don't think people know but they should.

Published in Writing style
Wednesday, 29 December 2010 15:09

Let's get real (in our writing)

Earning the trust of readers happens in the first few sentences--whether writing an article, content, or blog. I've learned that writing that earns the most positive attention doesn't make flowery claims; educates, rather than sells; and exposes truths or imperfections.

Published in Writing style
Tuesday, 30 November 2010 20:00

Is old-fashioned news reporting dying?

I’ve wondered in the last few years if old-fashioned news reporting is dying. It seems as if it is not so much reporting nowadays, but rather content generation. There’s more news but less depth. A report by Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, called State of the News Media 2010, claims: “The notion that the news media are shrinking is mistaken. Reportorial journalism is getting smaller, but the commentary and discussion aspect of media, which adds analysis, passion and agenda shaping, is growing — in cable, radio, social media, blogs and elsewhere.” Will this usher more opinion and less fact? The trend piece in the report, goes on to say: “… the rising numbers in polling data that show 72% of Americans feel now most news sources are biased in their coverage and 70% feel overwhelmed rather than informed by the amount of news and information they see.”

Published in Writing style