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Tuesday, 10 May 2011 14:09

Blogging for business

The other day I interviewed Wendy Lewis, president, Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd, Global Aesthetics Consultancy, about the art of blogging for Cosmetic Surgery Times magazine.


While she was talking about how cosmetic and plastic surgeons can best create and use blogs, any person in business can use these simple tips: 


  • Blogging should be about a topic of interest and within your expertise.
  • Remember to use key words in your blogging, but not so much that the content becomes impossible to read and you lose the message.
  • Good fodder for blogs: timely news topics and trends. Remember, blogs should be current.
  • Stress education over promotion in your blog content.
  • Consider writing unique content. Google doesn’t like duplicated content. If your blog post is something you pulled off another website, that’s not going to help you.


Thanks, Wendy!

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Friday, 28 January 2011 12:26

The Power of Social Media

Years ago, networking meant having a Roladex. If you were lucky, you'd have 100 or so strong contacts. Today, with a combined traditional networking and social media approach, you might still have those strong contacts, along with hundreds or thousands of virtual contacts. Accessing social media via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., is amazingly powerful. I've watched my college-aged daughter amass 40,000 viewers on a relatively unknown online show. She Tweets, blogs and Facebooks about upcoming showtimes and guests. Her guests, who tend to be savvy social media users, do the same. Before you know it, she has done for free what people in the past would pay thousands of advertising dollars to achieve. I'm learning from her that it's all about followers, links, contacts. The possibilities are endless, virtually. The message here... there's no escaping the need to get onboard.    

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