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Dating Tips for the Single Parent

By: Lisette Hilton
Date: June 2007
Source: Revolution

Dating is complicated enough without the additional guilt, time constraints and emotional tug-of-war that can occur when divorced or separated parents venture back into the singles scene. It's such a difficult task for some moms and dads that they simply choose not to do so. But there's no need to swear off relationships entirely until your kids are out of the house. With a little bit of thought and preparation, you can balance parenting and dating and achieve happiness — and success — in both areas of your life.

Canes Cadets

By: Lisette Hilton
Date: December 2006
Source: Miami Magazine

Scholarship opportunities lure potential cadets to apply, but it’s not all about the money. Often ROTC students seek leadership training and an opportunity to serve their communities and the nation. Many universities, in fact, have reported a rise in ROTC interest since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, despite the possibility that as officers they might be called for active duty.

How to Help Patients Ease the Burden of Prescription Costs


By: Lisette Hilton
Date: January 2005
Source: DOC News

Doctors—especially those practicing in low-income areas—oftensee their patients squirm with the news that they need another prescriptiondrug. For some patients, the out-of-pocket costs for medications are sosignificant that it comes down to buying prescriptions or food.

We’ve Got Your Back

Nurses help ease mental trauma, provide intensive care and attention to patients with spinal cord injury

By: Lisette Hilton
Date: January 10, 2005
Source: Nurse Week

When asked to share those heart-stopping stories about experiences with patients on their units, nurses who care for spinal cord injured patients say all their patients fit the bill. Nurses are usually the ones charged with attempting to reassure these patients, “who are absolutely terrified,” says Mimi Sutherland, RN, MS, BSN, CNRN, nurse surgical coordinator, Jackson Health System, Miami.

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