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Words Come Alive specializes in interviewing and writing for celebrities.

Chasing Life Cheating Death

Winning Health Strategies from Around the World

By: Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Date: December 2008
Source: Success magazine

For many of us, living as long as we can really means living as well as we can. In fact, most people I’ve talked with in my world travels as a medical correspondent are not so interested in living as long as they can unless they continue to be of sound mind and sound body.

One of the analogies that struck me during an interview is good and simple: We want to live our lives like an incandescent light bulb—burning brightly our entire lives and suddenly going out. We don’t want all the fl ickering that we see with the fl uorescent light bulbs at the end, which is emblematic of being bedridden, in hospitals, in nursing homes, etc.

Are you really ready?

Getting on Track for a Lifetime of Good Health

By: Bob Harper
Date: January 2009
Source: Success magazine

New Year’s resolutions might be good for some things, but they’re not necessarily the answer when you want to change your life for the healthier. The whole concept of the New Year’s resolution puts too much emphasis on one day. I’ve found that people are much more empowered to do what they can do right now, right here—as opposed to waiting until Monday, their birthdays or Jan. 1

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