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It's Fast. It's Easy.

By: Lisette Hilton
Date: Dec, 2005
Source: Physicians Practice

Yet fewer than 20 percent of physicians use e-prescribing. Find out why you should be one of them. Soon after implementing an electronic prescribing system in his North Kansas City, Mo., practice, Richard Hellman proudly told a patient that he no longer had to write prescriptions. He'd put away his prescription pad forever. The patient was relieved, Hellman said, because she'd recently been the victim of a serious medical error due to a doctor's illegible handwriting. The woman had been prescribed Cytoxan, a chemotherapeutic agent, but the pharmacist interpreted the prescription as Cytomel, a drug used to treat underactive thyroid.

Crash Course

Safeguarding Your Computer System - And Your Sanity

By: Lisette Hilton
Date: April, 2002
Source: Physicians Practice

It's been said that death and taxes are the only sure things in life. But in this age of technology, a computer crash is something else you can bet will happen to you, at least once. For physician offices dependent on their computers for housing patient records, patient management systems, e-mail, and more, a computer breakdown can paralyze the practice for days — even months. "Can you imagine a practice trying to run with its total information source gone — every patient record, all the demographics of all the patients, their phone numbers, names — everything?" ponders David Wilcox, chief information officer of IntegreMed, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pediatric Physician Alliance, an Atlanta-based provider of business services for medical practices.