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Art of Sculpting

By: Lisette Hilton
Date: December 2010
Source: New You Magazine

Liposuction removes the fat, but the right surgeon sculpts your body beautiful While fashion trends come and go, one thing that’s always in demand? Curves—when they’re in all the right places, of course. But diet and exercise alone don’t always deliver the shapely silhouette you want. Sound familiar? In the right hands, a simple tool and the right technique can create your custom contours.

At age 50, Pat Rodgers of Tampa, Fla., looks in the mirror and likes what she sees. But it wasn’t always that way. And it didn’t come easy. (Surprise, surprise.)

Just like so many of us, Pat woke up one morning and realized she’d gone from hourglass to bell-shaped and had some work to do. Good old-fashioned exercise gave her a start, but for the diet and exercise-resistant parts of her body, she turned to Thomas Y. Su, MD, a cosmetic surgeon in Tampa, who specializes in liposuction.

“He made my body look beautiful,” Pat says. “I still have weight to lose on my own. [But liposuction] gave me a boost and addressed areas that are the tough areas.”

Smooth Operator

Liposuction typically addresses the fat that patients can grab. And in most cases, the fat removal is permanent.

“How completely the fat is removed is just as important as how smoothly it is removed,” Dr. Su says. “The biggest complaints among liposuction patients are that they don’t see a difference after the procedure or the result is lumpy and bumpy.”


Art of Sculpting

Art of Sculpting