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Wake Up to the Opportunity

By: Tom Peters
Date: June/July 2010
Source: Success Magazine

Women are no longer a market segment; they are the market.

The importance of marketing to women has been an obsession of mine since December 1996, when the woman who was president of my training company dragged me to a meeting of 25 powerful women she had assembled. Without emotion, they described the degree to which women were disregarded as purchasers and leaders.

For some reason, it clicked with me.

There is no way to accurately capture the enormity of the opportunity. Women aren’t a market segment; they are the market. That’s a critical distinction. Today, women are the market, and marketers should have a men’s initiative for the residual male.

Women buy the great majority of products and services. They not only purchase consumer goods, but they also make up more than 50 percent of administrative managers, human resources managers and even purchasing managers.

Wake Up to the Opportunity

Wake Up to the Opportunity