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Crash Course

Safeguarding Your Computer System - And Your Sanity

By: Lisette Hilton
Date: April, 2002
Source: Physicians Practice

It's been said that death and taxes are the only sure things in life. But in this age of technology, a computer crash is something else you can bet will happen to you, at least once. For physician offices dependent on their computers for housing patient records, patient management systems, e-mail, and more, a computer breakdown can paralyze the practice for days — even months. "Can you imagine a practice trying to run with its total information source gone — every patient record, all the demographics of all the patients, their phone numbers, names — everything?" ponders David Wilcox, chief information officer of IntegreMed, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pediatric Physician Alliance, an Atlanta-based provider of business services for medical practices.

The bad news is that crashes are nearly inevitable. Whether a virus or worm creeps into your hard drive from the Internet, a fire or lightning strike destroys your system, or the equipment simply breaks down or malfunctions, there is no such thing as a crash-proof computer. The good news is that by taking simple steps, physicians (and their office managers) can rest assured that, whatever problem crops up, the bulk of their data will be safe.

Crash Course

Crash Course