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Your Real Age

Dr. Michael Roizen wants to help you reverse factors that age you prematurely.

By: Lisette Hilton
Date: March 2009
Source: Success Magazine

Dr. Michael F. Roizen was consulting with patients in the mid-1980s when he began to see the value of using the real-age tactic to motivate them to quit smoking. Roizen, an internist and anesthesiologist, remembers telling his patient, Simon, that smoking made him eight years older. Simon replied, “I can’t be 57.” The patient, who actually was about to turn 49, went on to say that no man in his family had celebrated a 58th birthday. All had died by 57.

Thinking quickly to offer encouragement, Roizen recalls giving Simon the good news: “You get one year younger in three months after quitting; two years younger in five months after quitting, and so on.”

Your Real Age

Your Real Age