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Are you really ready?

Getting on Track for a Lifetime of Good Health

By: Bob Harper
Date: January 2009
Source: Success magazine

New Year’s resolutions might be good for some things, but they’re not necessarily the answer when you want to change your life for the healthier. The whole concept of the New Year’s resolution puts too much emphasis on one day. I’ve found that people are much more empowered to do what they can do right now, right here—as opposed to waiting until Monday, their birthdays or Jan. 1 With “resolutions,” people tend to think the sky’s the limit until that all-important day when, miraculously, they’ll have the habits in place that will last them the rest of their lives.

Life changes are no quick fix. They’re long-term effects, which start with small steps.

One thing I’ve learned being in the fitness business and working on The Biggest Loser is that it’s not just about getting people on an eating program, doing pushups and running on a treadmill. It’s about their relationship with themselves, and with food.

Are you really ready?:: Getting on Track for a Lifetime of Good Health

Are you really ready?